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Scott Allocates $25M Toward Developing Zika Vaccine

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is using his emergency powers to direct $25 million in state money toward helping to develop a Zika virus vaccine.
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5 Killed In Shooting At A Washington State Mall; Manhunt Underway

Police say 5 people were killed after a shooter opened fire inside a Macy's at a shopping mall in Burlington, Washington on Friday evening.Authorities are searching for the suspected shooter, who they say left the scene at Cascade Mall before police arrived. He was last seen walking toward a nearby interstate highway. Skagit County's Department of Emergency Management cautioned people to stay indoors and "stay alert.""People fled, customers hid in dressing rooms and employees locked the doors...
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Pam Bondi Breaks Silence On Trump Donation

Sep 23, 2016

Attorney General Pam Bondi rejected renewed assertions Tuesday that a $25,000 political contribution from current Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump influenced her office in 2013 to dismiss allegations that Floridians had been bilked by Trump University.

Puerto Rico is suffering one of the worst economic crises in the western hemisphere. Adding to the U.S. territory’s problems right now is a massive, island-wide blackout - which gives Puerto Ricans one more reason to come to Florida.

More than 300 McDonald’s Egg McMuffins and Publix muffins were dropped off at Gov. Rick Scott’s office Thursday morning to protest the omission of Independent Party of Florida presidential candidate Evan McMullin from the 2016 general election ballot in the state.

Phosphate Coalition Meeting

Sep 23, 2016
Michael Hirsh

The Mosaic Company says it is continuing efforts to recover more than 215 million gallons of contaminated and mildly radioactive water that poured down a sinkhole into the deep Floridan Aquifer. The aquifer supplies much of the drinking water used throughout the state. The sinkhole developed on August 27th in a so-called “gyp-stack” at the New Wales Plant in Mulberry. That’s about 30 miles east of Tampa.

On Saturday, the Phosphate Coalition, a group of environmental groups opposed to Mosaic’s plans to expand its mines in Manatee and Desoto County, met in Sarasota.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is using his emergency powers to direct $25 million in state money toward helping to develop a Zika virus vaccine.

Economists are telling the state's Citrus Commission that Florida orange production could sink by another two-thirds in the next 10 years if better solutions to the fatal bacterial disease citrus greening don't arise.

 Burmese pythons have established themselves in the Everglades — and now they appear to be breeding in the Florida Keys, according to state and federal wildlife agencies.

Martin County is putting its legal challenge of the state’s highly controversial new water quality standards on hold – at least for now.

County attorney Elizabeth Lenihan convinced commissioners to wait for an independent study before deciding whether to appeal a hearing officer’s adverse ruling.

“Doing it that way is not going to jeopardize our ability to challenge an existing rule or challenge it at the federal level.”


Politics makes desperate bedfellows.

So it's not such a big surprise that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Miami Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, also a Republican, appear to have finally slipped under the same campaign sheets.

A recent Florida Department of Environmental Protection hearing has raised questions about the process the state agency uses to advertise public meetings.


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