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Trump, Clinton Head Back To Florida After Debate

Get ready, Florida voters. You're about to see even more of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.After Monday night's ballyhooed presidential debate, Trump and Clinton will quickly try to grab momentum in Florida. The Clinton campaign didn't wait for the debate to start, dispatching vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine to the critical state ahead of time to try to lock down votes.
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The First Presidential Debate In 100 Words (And 6 Videos)

The first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was a contentious affair with the presidential candidates clashing on the economy, taxes and terrorism. With discipline, Clinton pushed Trump's buttons, attacking his business practices, accusing him of not paying his contractors and stiffing the American people by not paying federal taxes. Trump replied, "That makes me smart." Trump was vintage: a visceral debater who touted his business acumen and accused Clinton of...
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Mote Marine Laboratory has announced it has raised more than $50 million in a year-long fundraising campaign. The money will be used in part for groundbreaking work in restoring coral reefs in Florida.

This was the Sarasota marine laboratory's first comprehensive fundraising campaign. President and CEO Michael Crosby says the money will be used for long-term sustainable projects to help preserve unique marine life.

Miami Marlins Pitcher Jose Fernandez died Sunday in a boating accident off South Beach. A lot of questions remain about how it happened. But the safety measures to prevent boating accidents in the area, were up and running.

Governor Rick Scott is issuing an emergency order in the wake of two major toxic spills.

Democratic Congresswoman Gwen Graham is chiding Florida environmental officials over their handling of the Mosaic sinkhole in Polk County.  Nick Evans reports she’s applauding Governor Rick Scott’s changes to public notification requirements.

Starting next month, thousands of Florida’s correctional and probation officers will decide which union they want representing them. The choice is between the Florida Police Benevolent Association and the Teamsters Union.


Solar energy will be on Florida’s ballot again in November. Voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment on the issue last month but the next proposal is more controversial. 

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An attorney representing three central Florida residents in a federal lawsuit against Mosaic says the legal action is about ensuring safe drinking water. The proposed class-action suit was filed after a sinkhole beneath a Mosaic plant near Lakeland sent 200 million gallons of waste water into the Floridan aquifer.

The lawsuit is the first against Mosaic since the phosphate and potash producer, the world’s largest, reported the sinkhole to government agencies in late August.

Crystal Johnson shares her thoughts on the relationship between police and the public at Thursday's meeting.
Matthew Smith, WGCU

The new chief of the Fort Myers Police Department, Derrick Diggs, led the first of several community engagement sessions Thursday that are being touted by the department as the  first step toward improving the department’s relationship with the people it polices.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump head into their first presidential debate virtually tied in the latest Quinnipiac University poll.

More Black Families Are Opting To Homeschool

22 hours ago

Homeschooling entered the mainstream in the 1980s and was led largely by white evangelical Christians. Today, the U.S Department of Education says approximately 1.7 million students in the U.S are homeschooled—more than 84,000 of them in Florida.

The fastest growing demographic choosing to leave traditional schools behind are African-Americans.


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