1:29 pm
Wed April 23, 2014

Bill Named For Bicyclist Aaron Cohen Passes Legislature

Credit whycompose.com/

A bicyclist who was killed on Miami’s Rickenbacker Causeway is about to be immortalized in state law. A bill that's ready for the governor's signature creates minimum penalties for hit and run drivers. It's known as the Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act.

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Spring Training
11:40 am
Wed April 23, 2014

Attendance Numbers for Spring Training Baseball Games Rise

Credit Courtesy Lee County Sports Development

More people are coming to spring training baseball games across the state and in Lee County. 

The number of visitors who watched spring training games in Florida this season rose by four percent to almost 1.5 million spectators.

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Public Records
11:00 am
Wed April 23, 2014

Governor Changes Public Record Policy

Credit Sara Brockmann / FLGov.com

Gov. Rick Scott’s office has changed part of its public records policy. Advocates are speaking out against the change, which they say makes it harder to access government communication conducted through private emails and text messages.

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10:38 am
Wed April 23, 2014

Computer Problems Shut Down FCAT Testing

Credit Julio Acuña via Flickr

Some Florida schools halted FCAT testing Tuesday because computer problems made it difficult for students to sign in or submit the online test. The computer problems interrupted students from Miami to Tallahassee as they took FCAT exams for the final time.

The Florida Department of Education said the problem was with test provider Pearson. The agency says the problem was not statewide, but doesn't know how many students were affected. Pearson says the problem was a contractor which hosts the exams online.

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9:26 pm
Tue April 22, 2014

Political Newcomer Curt Clawson Wins the GOP Primary

Curt Clawson's Election party.
Credit Ashley Lopez / WGCU

Political Newcomer Curt Clawson has won the GOP primary in a special election for Florida’s 19th Congressional District Tuesday night.

Amid a crowd of more than a hundred supporters at the Hyatt Coconut Point, Curt Clawson accepted the Republican nomination.

“In early January I wasn’t sure if that i wanted to do this. Most of all, I love it here in Southwest Florida. And I love being with my parents. And its why I came here. And I am here for the duration you all. And when this is over, I will be back here to be with them and to be with you.”

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