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Seminole Indian Patchwork

We explore Seminole Indian Patchwork. The Seminole Tribe of Florida adopted the colorful clothing shortly before 1920. Designs used on women’s skirts today are extremely intricate. It’s a technique that has been passed down from generation to generation and now there’s a commercial market for it. Seminole patchwork is a creative source of cultural pride and artistic achievement. Our guests are several women who make, teach, wear and show Seminole patchwork.
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Florida News

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Wood Stork Deaths Attributed to Record-High Rainfall

Record-high rainfall could be responsible for a number of recently reported wood stork deaths. Environmental experts say a lack of favorable foraging habitat could be causing the birds to starve.
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National News

Voters Head To The Polls In New Hampshire

Record turnout is expected in todays primary elections in New Hampshire, where Donald Trump is polling ahead on the Republican side, and Bernie Sanders is ahead in the polls on the Democratic side.The outcome of the elections is far from certain though. The New Hampshire primary, the nations first, allows new voters to register to vote the day of the election, and lets voters unaffiliated with either party participate.Here & Nows Robin Young speaks with Josh Rogers, senior political reporter...
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Construction is underway for a solar-powered town in Southwest Florida. Babcock Ranch will cross Lee and Charlotte Counties. It could be home to some Floridians by 2017.

Developer Syd Kitson said the goal for Babcock Ranch is to be the most sustainable town in the United States. 

barloveentomagico via flickr

  Record-high rainfall could be responsible for a number of recently reported wood stork deaths.  Environmental experts say a lack of favorable foraging habitat could be causing the birds to starve.

The South Florida Water Management District

Water managers broke ground Monday on a project to return wetlands in Southwest Florida to their natural state. It’s called the Sam Jones/Abiaki Prairie. The plan is to improve water quality in the Everglades.  

Tim Evanson

By a tie vote, a bill that would bar discrimination in jobs and housing based on sexual orientation failed to pass its first stop in the Florida Legislature on Monday.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak  spoke Monday night at a meeting of the Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee.

He says that the deal to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons should last for at least five years - but after that, it's anyone's guess.

Shark Attacks In 2015 Set Record

12 hours ago
Albert Kok

A record 98 shark attacks occurred worldwide in 2015. Florida led the nation with 30 attacks.

Most of the state's attacks occurred in central Florida, home to large populations of tourists and surfers who spend more time in the water, and to sharks those tourists and surfers splashing around resemble fish.

A bill aimed at cutting down the number of drowning deaths associated with car accidents in Florida has passed its first House committee. “Chloe’s law” stems from the death of a University of Central Florida student last year.

Florida lawmakers are expected to unveil their plans Tuesday for dealing with gambling in Florida.  Gov. Rick Scott has hammered out an agreement with the Seminole Indian Tribe, but legislative leaders say the plan will likely need to change to garner approval.

Same sex couples can marry, but in Florida members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community lack a number of basic protections against discrimination.  A measure that would change that is in trouble.

At a time when Governor Rick Scott is begging businesses to come to Florida, some Republicans want to shut down a $70 million-dollar-a -year Florida corporation that cranks out everything from custom office furniture to false teeth. 


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