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In recent years Airbnb has become a way for homeowners to rent out rooms and make cash on the side. It’s also a way for guests to travel without paying for the price of a hotel room.

But as the service has become more popular, it’s gotten the attention of hotel owners and lawmakers.

Hotel owners in Florida have said it’s not fair. They say Airbnb doesn’t have to pay the same taxes they do and adhere to regulations that drive up their costs.

Now things are changing. This week Airbnb began collecting state and local taxes. This includes a state wide sales tax and some county “bed taxes.”

Gas Reaches Six-Year Low for Florida Drivers

Nov 30, 2015

Florida drivers are paying the cheapest prices in six years to fill up their gas tanks. New data from AAA show the average price of gas is down more than 70 cents from last year. That’s right. It’s now $2.07 a gallon, the lowest it’s been since 2009.

AAA data show prices started sliding a just over two weeks ago and by Thanksgiving weekend, Florida drivers were reaping the benefits of the six year lows. Triple A spokesman Mark Jenkins says it comes from an oversupply of domestic and foreign oil. 

The state of Florida is asking a federal judge to throw out a lawsuit filed by the Seminole Tribe.

Manatee County Port Authority

Manatee County Port Authority officials are looking to expand economic opportunities in preparing for increased shipping traffic once the Panama Canal expansion project is completed. 

Jason Howie

Nemours Children’s Hospital pediatricians are now available for telemedicine visits. The Nemours CareConnect app and website launched today.

Nemours officials said this is the first direct to consumer telemedicince program in the nation for kids. Now, there is a catch: The $49 fee is not covered by insurance.

The service is available anywhere in the state to anyone willing to pay. Doctors can order prescriptions, but can't do lab tests.