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Florida is known as the Sunshine State, but it ranks nowhere near the top when it comes to home solar systems.

A February article by Bloomberg Business says Florida is fifteenth in the country for those systems, trailing behind states like Texas and California.

The answer as to why Florida is not capitalizing on sunshine comes back to policy and cost. We’re joined by a panel of guests looking at solar power policies in Florida, how large state utilities are thinking about solar, and a coalition of people trying to get solar on the ballot.

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Sun Country Airlines’ held its inaugural flight from Fort Myers to San Juan, Puerto Rico this week. There was a small reception at the terminal where Puerto Rican food was served. Vice President of sales at Sun Country airlines Eric Curry spoke.

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Sanibel City Hall overflowed Tuesday with residents commenting on a new restaurant they say could change the island just a little too much.

In most places in rapidly growing Southwest Florida an application for a 250 seat restaurant would pass almost unnoticed.

But Sanibel Island  aims to be a sanctuary  with residents fiercely protective of  its image as an unspoiled paradise.

The 2015 Southwest Florida Sustainability Summit takes place April 30th. The event brings together a broad spectrum of local experts for a series of panel discussions and workshops related to planning for a sustainable future for the region. This year’s theme is, “Quality of Life for Today & Tomorrow.” We’ll hear from event speakers and organizers with a focus on exploring the current status and future potential growth of Southwest Florida’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) industries. We’ll also look at local STEM education initiatives from elementary school through higher education for a look at how we’re preparing students to enter careers in STEM fields. We’ll also explore how STEM growth relates to the greater goals of sustainability and a strategic sustainability plan for Southwest Florida. 

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A bill to extend the state's gambling agreement with the Seminole tribe by a year has made it through a Senate committee. But, along the way, it picked up some gambling expansion amendments that cost it some support.