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Florida Power and Light

The state’s utilities regulator signed-off on a plan that allows FPL to charge its customers for a $190 million investment into a fracking project in Oklahoma. FPL’s representatives said this will save Floridians money in the long-run, but others have warned this decision sets a bad precedent.

According to the latest data from the research firm RealtyTrac, Florida still leads the nation in home foreclosures with foreclosure filings on one out of 462 housing units in the state. However, foreclosures are trending downward significantly and experts predict home prices in Southwest Florida will continue rising. Meanwhile, the latest Manpower Employment Outlook Survey identifies Lee County as among the strongest markets in the nation for hiring demand going into 2015. We’ll explore the region’s current economic and employment conditions and predictions as we prepare to enter 2015. 

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Ahead of the holidays, ground-workers for Southwest Airlines want the company to end lengthy contract negotiations and raise wages. A small group of union members picketed at Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers Tuesday.

Over the past few weeks, economic analyst Hank Fishkind has explained the host of recent reports that paint an optimistic financial picture for the end of 2014. As the year comes to a close, Fishkind considers the three-year economic outlook for the Orlando area, the state of Florida, and the country. He begins by telling WMFE’s Nicole Creston that throughout 2015, all signs point to growth, but starting around 2016, it all gets a bit more complicated.

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Florida saw an increase in the number of “ultra-wealthy” millionaires in 2014.