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Researchers at The Florida Aquarium are joining forces with the London-based Horniman Museum and Gardens to save coral reefs by spawning corals in laboratories. This technique to aid coral restoration efforts has thus far only been accomplished at the Horniman.

We’re joined by The Florida Aquarium’s Coral Nursery Manager, Keri O’Neil, who’s just back from a visit to Horniman where she learned about their techniques of growing corals in a lab setting, and brainstormed ideas of how to transport future coral fragments to Florida for restoration purposes.

Gulfshore Life Magazine

We’ll meet two men involved with a program called Gentle’men Against Domestic Violence that is sponsored by the Shelter for Abused Women and Children in Naples. The long-running program encourages boys and young men to replace stereotypical ideas of men as controlling, aggressive and gaining power through violence, with the truth that men can be gentle, compassionate and kind without risking their identities.


City of Orlando Police Dept

The term “active shooter” has unfortunately become all too familiar in recent years, as news reports from around the country bring stories of mass shooting incidents right into our homes. We’re joined by staff officer Scott Griffith from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. He’s presented dozens of active shooter preparedness training classes over the years to various groups around the county, including one he’ll be giving later this week for representatives from faith based institutions to help them develop a plan for before, during, and after such an incident.

Plastics in the Oceans

Dec 18, 2017
Chris Jordan / Wikimedia Commons

The use of plastics has in many ways changed how we live. But, according to researchers, roughly 8 million tons of plastic waste winds up in the oceans every year. And nearly all the plastic ever made still exists in some form today. We’ll explore the ways plastic debris is impacting our ocean ecosystems, and efforts to reduce the amount of plastic that winds up in the water.

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The holidays loom large on the not-so-distant horizon, and that means people will be assembling grocery lists for the weeks ahead.

There are extremes in the holiday entertaining world: there’s the Martha Stewart-esque perfection with all things from scratch, and then, there’s the person just hoping not to poison anyone with whatever lands on the table.

Either way, we all begin with hopes that our feast will at least comfort our guests, even if it doesn’t dazzle, and that’s why we’re talking today with Chef Harold Balink of Harold’s Restaurant in Fort Myers. He’s been in the restaurant industry here in Southwest Florida for some time, and he’s the chef who somehow manages to meld the dazzling with the comforting in his dishes, something few are able to achieve.