Rachel Iacovone

Gulf Coast Live Associate Producer, Reporter

Rachel Iacovone is a reporter and associate producer of Gulf Coast Live for WGCU News. Rachel came to WGCU as an intern in 2016, during the presidential race. She went on to cover Florida Gulf Coast University students at President Donald Trump's inauguration on Capitol Hill and Southwest Floridians in attendance at the following day's Women's March on Washington.

Rachel was first contacted by WGCU when she was managing editor of FGCU's student-run media group, Eagle News. She helped take Eagle News from a weekly newspaper to a daily online publication with TV and radio branches within two years, winning the 2016 Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Award for Best Use of Multimedia in a cross-platform series she led for National Coming Out Day. She also won the Mark of Excellence Award for Feature Writing for her five-month coverage of an FGCU student's transition from male to female.

As a WGCU reporter, she produced the first radio story in WGCU's Curious Gulf Coast project, which answered the question: Does SWFL Have More Cases of Pediatric Cancer?

During Hurricane Irma, Rachel was live on air as the sun shone through the eye of the storm, as it passed over the Collier County Emergency Operations Center where she was stationed.

Rachel graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a bachelor's degree in journalism.


Older golfers make up a large percentage of the overall golfing population in the United States, and that’s especially true here in southwest Florida. But, a golf swing can be hard on a person’s body, and their back in particular, and that can take a person off the course entirely. We’re going to learn about a new research study at Florida Gulf Coast University that seeks to discover ways to increase the longevity of people’s golf games. And, we’re going to learn about the university’s PGA Golf Management Program, it’s one of just 18 in the country.

Rachel Iacovone / WGCU

For Southwest Florida, 2017 was a year dramatically punctuated by the September arrival of Hurricane Irma.


It was an extreme storm, which dominated the news in the weeks leading up to and the months that followed landfall. And, WGCU’s coverage of that storm garnered a number of awards.

Rachel Iacovone / WGCU

Depending on where you are in Southwest Florida, you may have seen some lingering smoke this week, but no matter where you are, you almost definitely smelled it.

Voice for America / Wikimedia Commons

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A series of violent protests broke out in Nicaragua in the last week over the controversial social security reform. The media blackout there left some in the country reaching across borders virtually to spread the word.

MRS Movimiento Renovador Sandinista / Wikimedia Commons

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Una serie de protestas violentas comenzaron en Nicaragua la semana pasada. La censura de la prensa ha dejado algunos en el pais cruzando las fronteras por el Internet para difundir el mensaje.