12th Annual Sanibel Island Writers Conference: Keynote Speaker Alice Hoffman

Oct 25, 2017

Best-Selling Author Alice Hoffman
Credit Deborah Feingold

The 12th Annual Sanibel Island Writers Conference runs Nov. 2-5 at BIG Arts and the Sanibel Island Public Library.  The event’s extensive list of speakers, authors and musicians attracts aspiring and professional writers alike from all over the country to hone their craft through a long weekend of meetings, lectures and workshops.  

We’ll get a preview of what to expect this year with Conference Director and FGCU English Professor Tom DeMarchi.  We’ll also hear from this year’s keynote speaker, Alice Hoffman.  Hoffman is a best-selling author of novels, young adult novels and children’s books.  Her prolific body of literary works include the novels “Practical Magic,” “Aquamarine,” and “The River King,” all of which have been adapted into major motion pictures. Hoffman’s latest novel out this year, “The Rules of Magic,” is a prequel to “Practical Magic.”