150 Rescued From Irma Floodwater

Sep 12, 2017

The residents of one Orange County neighborhood face an especially long recovery from Irma. Some 150 had to be rescued from floodwater, and some 550 homes are affected in Orlo Vista, a residential community in west Orange County that is near three lakes.

Peterson Desravins says his home is surrounded by lake water on three sides.

"Where I was sitting at I didn't notice the water", Desravins said. "When I put my feet down I noticed the water. Then it's like, OK, where is the water coming from. And I looked, and that's when you notice, Oh, wow, the lake is in the front of the house."

He fled to a nearby condo but not before the water in his home reached at least two feet deep.

Firefighters and National Guard members rescued the residents. They carried some of them on their backs through chest-deep water.