21st Century Thought and Trends with Futurist David Houle

Jan 17, 2018

David Houle
Credit www.davidhoule.com

According to futurist David Houle the world as we know it will be transformed beyond recognition over the decades ahead. He'll present a series of talks at the Ringling College Lifelong Learning Academy, where he's the college’s “Futurist in Residence.” Houle is author of “Entering the Shift Age” which explores the many ways change has become a constant, and increasing factor in our lives and culture. We'll sit down with him to explore his work, and get a preview of his upcoming presentations, the first of which is on Monday, January 22. It's titled "2000-2018: The Trends, Forces, and Technologies That Have Changed Humanity This Century.”

Houle describes the presentation as an overview of the major trends and forces that have reshaped the 21st century to date—leaving the “Information Age” and entering the “Shift Age.” He will explain contexts and concepts to help understand both the transformations going on and the unsettling speed at which they are occurring.