Allison Serraes - The Word

Jan 28, 2014

Allison Serraes is a graduate student at Florida Gulf Coast University, finishing her Master’s degree in English literature while teaching two sections of composition. Serraes says she hopes to continue on to get a Ph.D. in literature, focusing on poetry. Amy Tardif spoke to her beginning with who her influences are.  Click here to read her poem:

The Word 


The gaping  


between Tigris and Euphrates 

Carotid and Femoral 

is supposedly where that bloodline broke. 

Where Adam’s ad hoc committee 

nominated the extra-ribbed girl, 

who had already been spending too much time 

under trees 

with creatures of only ribs and skin, 

to take the punch out of paradise. 



pairs guarding lateral walls:  

protect the viscera. 

Adam was too busy naming, 

and she, too curious for significations, 

walked labyrinths to the center. 


Organs of the trunk,  

the internal cavity. 

Liver, lungs, heart. 

That’s when it broke –  

with teeth to skin, tongue to palate, 

he to her, she to serpent, serpent to the dust 

that made its belly raw with stretching: 

the utterance –    


then blood, 

her belly raw with stretching, 



the sound of a smooth incision.  

Septicemic generation 

bloomed out of that delta 


then foreheads 

then tribes 

bifurcating across the continent. 

Forget the garden. 

Remember the garden. 

Then eat from the 




the oil, diamonds, 

sweat shopping, 

brown bellies raw with stretching.  


thou remember 

the first rule of the garden? 

Dress it and keep it. 

Protect the viscera.