Anti-Obamacare Town Hall in Tampa

Aug 21, 2013

Heritage Action for America, a conservative group, is hosting a defund Obamacare town hall tonight in Tampa. People will hear remarks from former Senator and President of the group, Jim Demint.

Senator Ted Cruz stopped in Dallas Texas on Tuesday to talk about defunding the Affordable Care Act. Tonight, folks in the Tampa Bay region will hear from Rafael Cruz, Senator Ted Cruz's dad and also from Heritage Action president Jim Demint.

Heritage Foundation Florida regional coordinator Karen Jaroch says the town hall is to urge House members to fund the government fully but exclude the funding for the Affordable Care Act.

"As you'll know that the president has tried to delay the health care plan because it has very many flaws and we feel it's not ready and its harming our country", Jaroch said.

The defund Obamacare town hall will be held at Crowne Plaza in Westshore at 7pm.