Area Latinos Talk Status, Politics And Experiences in Southwest Florida

Sep 18, 2013

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage month, WGCU Public Media and the Hispanic Institute at Hodges University recently hosted a preview of Latino Americans —the first major documentary series for television chronicling the lives and experiences of Latinos  in the United States from 1500 to the 21st century.

Southwest Floridians who got an early glimpse of the series at Hodges shared their personal stories of being a Latino in the area with us during a panel discussion.

On Gulf Coast Live, we bring you that previously recorded discussion that includes what it’s like to be Latino-American in this region, politics, immigration, assimilation and even food.

The panel included News Press Engagement Editor David Plazas, Sanibel poet Joe Pacheco and Librarian Maria Palacio.

WGCU-TV airs the PBS documentary series “Latino Americans”:

Sept. 17 @ 8-10pm  channels: 101& 102

Sept. 24 @ 8-10pm channels: 103 & 104

Oct. 1 @ 8-10pm  channels: 105 & 106

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