Broward County Rebels Against Scott's Obamacare Rule

Sep 25, 2013

The ball's in Governor Rick Scott's court today now that Broward County has defied his order to keep Affordable Car Act advisers from meeting with the uninsured in county health department buildings.

Calling the order a deliberate obstruction of the president's health reform law, county commissioners voted 8 to 1 on Tuesday to disregard the order and remind the governor that county actually owns the health department buildings.

Mayor Kristin Jacobs said she doesn’t know if the state will fight back. But if it does, she said -- in these words -- "Bring it on!"

"I'm sick of showing up on the evening comedy shows as a laughing stock and that is certainly what that decision has done for us here, in the state of Florida, as we become the nightly joke", Jacobs said.

Scott said earlier he was worried that people applying for insurance from the outreach teams might become victims of identity theft.

Under Broward's new plan, people who need help signing up for health insurance can met with official Obamacare advisers at any of seven health department buildings or any country library. Pinellas County was the first to defy the governor's health department instructions. Like Broward, it's a heavily Democratic County.