Digital Currency Conference Hits Miami Beach

Jan 24, 2014

Credit Antana via Flickr

Hundreds of Bitcoin users are flocking to Miami Beach this weekend for the North American Bitcoin Conference. As Hillary Lindwall reports, conference-goers are excited to spread the virtual currency around South Florida. It’s as simple as scanning a QR code with your Smartphone.

There’s no signing, just a free exchange of funds. You can get Bitcoins through companies that buy and sell the currency. People who use it, like Kenneth Metral, say they like it because it’s easy.

"So Bitcoin is like sending an e-mail. But instead of sending an email you’re sending money", Metral explained. "It’s very easy to send it to one another, it arrives in seconds, and it ultimately replaces the financial industry with something so innovative.

Some South Florida merchants, like Michel Sanchez, have already caught on. Sanchez is the chef and owner of Latin House Burger and Taco Bar – a restaurant that already accepts Bitcoin.

"Well, overall it’s something that, we’re kind of like changing the world", Sanchez said. "It’s really cool even though we’re a restaurant and we’re just accepting payment, we’re in the beginning stages of something that is life changing.

The conference will feature speakers and workshops on how to use and accept Bitcoin.