ENCORE: A Back to School Look at the Cost of Early Childhood Education

Aug 10, 2017

As we send our kids back to school, we take a look back at an interesting study that calculates the costs of getting three- and four-year old students prepared for kindergarten across Southwest Florida. The price tag is about $12,000 per student for an ideal combination of small classes, experienced head teachers, and materials. But the study finds a roughly $8,000 gap between what's needed and what federal and state funds provide.

Dr. Larry Miller, dean of FSW's School of Education and Charter Schools, joins the show to discuss the new study and how it tracks the cost of pre-K education. He also helps define what “kindergarten-ready” means, what it takes for pre-K students to reach that readiness, and what drives the differences in costs for early childhood education at private, rural, and district-run head start centers.