ER Workers Enlisted in Crackdown on Human Trafficking

Jul 25, 2014

Credit Imagens Evangélicas via Flickr

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi wants to enlist the help of Emergency medical workers to crack down on human trafficking. Bondi was joined by law enforcement and ER workers as she announced the partnership at a press conference at Florida Hospital in Orlando this morning.

Dr. George Ralls is the Medical Director of the Orange County EMS system. Ralls says he has seen trafficking victims among his patients while working as an emergency physician.

“Sometimes I looked into their eyes, and clearly there was an issue, that I was aware of their pain and desperation, and I made efforts to try to resolve things and I can tell you looking back at my career, many times it was a real confusing moment", Ralls said. "What do I do about this, how do we help this person?”

The initiative will circulate a two page fact sheet among ER personnel, which includes a list of the kinds of injuries associated with sex or labor trafficking.