Evolutionary Psychology: A Description and a Call for Positivity

Oct 11, 2017

Have you ever wondered why people tend to recoil at the sight of a snake- even if they’ve never been bitten or threatened by one? Well, you can thank Evolutionary Psychology for that.

Today on the show we’ll talk with Dr. Glenn Geher, the founding director of Evolutionary studies in Psychology from SUNY in New Paltz about his new book in which he advocates for positivity as we continue to evolve.

He’s in town for a STEMinar on the subject, which is part of a series of lectures hosted by the Whittaker Center for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education.

We’ll also talk with Dr. Nathan Pipitone who is a psychology professor here at FGCU about the importance of evolutionary psychology and what researching and understanding it can do for our understanding of the world around us.