Exploring the Breakdown in Civil Discourse in the U.S.

Mar 7, 2018

It’s become increasingly apparent in recent years that talking to people with whom we disagree, either politically or socially, has become practically impossible. We’ve partnered up with Gulfshore Life Magazine to try to tackle the issue. We’re joined by Jennifer Reed, she wrote this month’s cover story called “Talk to me … Please?” to find out what she learned from the many Southwest Floridians who she met while writing the article. We're also joined by Dr. Cindy Banyai, she’s a researcher and community development expert who conducted a series of structured conversations with folks from different backgrounds for the article.

 Plus, we’ll meet Christopher Phillips...he’s author of a number of books, including Socrates Cafe and Constitution Cafe...he’ll be in town next week moderating an event here at WGCU called 'Civil Discourse in a Polarized Society'...which will explore ways to talk about difficult issues across political and social divides. The event is full, but click HERE to add your name to a waiting list.