FEA Files Lawsuit Over How School Bill Was Passed

Jul 17, 2014

A Florida education union is suing Gov. Rick Scott and some members of his cabinet over a bill to expand the state’s voucher program. The FEA filed a lawsuit Wednesday that takes issue with the way the bill passed during this year’s legislative session.

American government and history teacher Tom Faasse filed the lawsuit against the governor, members of the Cabinet and education commissioner over Senate Bill 850. 

The bill would, in part, expand the state’s corporate voucher program.

Faasse and the Florida Education Association say that the Bill was originally 5 pages when it was filed in February, but it soon ballooned to over 140 pages filled with what they say are irrelevant topics.

Faasse says this lawsuit will be a lesson of what not to do in his social studies and government classes.

"This is a great example of doing things the wrong way, not following the rules, and the students need to be able to see that you just can’t go around the rules just because you don’t like them", said Faasse.

A spokesperson for the Department of Education says they are currently reviewing the lawsuit.