Fish and Wildlife Commission to Crack Down on Lionfish

Apr 17, 2014

Credit Wikimedia Creative Commons

The state Commission in charge of managing Florida’s fish has pushed forward new rules for one animal that swims the South Florida seas. And it may excite some exotic fishermen. The lionfish is a funky looking red and white striped fish. Its fins fan out like a mane—hence the name. But the real image you should conjure up is one of a big bully, a bully that’s hurting native fish.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is working to take steps to kick that bully out of the neighborhood. It’s approved a rough draft of rules that would ban the import of the fish into the state. Amanda Nalley is a representative for the Commission

"We’ll still allow folks to go out and harvest lionfish live and sell them in the aquariums trades. You’ll be able to get a lionfish for your aquarium", Nalley explained. "Just instead of importing more into the state. People will be required to go into the water and remove the lionfish that are already there"

The provision would also relax limitations on people who want to spear hunt the fish—for derbies or other tournaments. This will come back before the commission in June.