FL 37th in Kids Count

Jul 21, 2015

The latest "Kids Count" report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation shows Florida ranks 37th in the country for overall "child well-being." That's up one slot from last year's report. One of the major factors driving Florida's low ranking is the economy. 

Dr. Norin Dollard co-directs "Florida KIDS COUNT" at the University of South Florida.

"We still have substantial proportions of parents who do not have a steady employment income, and not only, I guess I would say steady employment, but having the types of jobs that bring in adequate income and that would provide that health insurance component as well", said Dollard.

The report shows that 33% of children in Florida have parents who lacked secure employment in 2013.

That's up from 28% in 2008.

Minnesota ranked first in overall "child well-being" in the "Kids Count" report.