Florida Political Donors Can Give More as Campaign Finance Law Takes Effect

Nov 1, 2013

A new campaign finance law passed in the 2013 legislative session aims to make political contributions more transparent by allowing candidates to raise more cash – rather than using shadowy political committees, which can raise unlimited money.

The new limits will be $3,000 for candidates running for statewide office and $1,000 for legislative and local races. The limit had been $500 per person, per election.

Dan Krassner of the government watchdog group Integrity Florida says more needs to be done about who can fund elections, but the new law is a good start.

"Rather than seeing ads from ‘Floridians for a better tomorrow, tomorrow’ we’re hoping that this new law will begin to have ‘I approve this message’ and the candidates name in it more often", Krassner said. 

Krassner says the US Supreme Court ruling that allows unlimited funding of campaigns by special interest groups makes it tough to track money in politics. He says the new law should at least help voters know where candidates are getting their money.