Florida Superintendents Want Three-Year Extension To Prepare For New Standards

Nov 20, 2013

Credit Josh Davis via Flickr

Florida's school district superintendents are asking for three more years to get ready for Florida's new math and English standards, and the accompanying tests.

The standards are known as Common Core and outline what students should know at the end of each grade. Florida is scheduled to use the standards in every grade when school starts next fall.

Superintendents say that isn't enough time with teacher evaluations, end-of-course exams and improving computer networks also on the agenda.

Volusia County superintendent Margaret Smith says some schools won't receive classroom materials until later this year.

"Teachers are under a tremendous stress because they are being trained while expected to teach the standards at the same time", Smith said.

The group is asking is asking the State Board of Education to slowly add more grades over the next three years. Kindergarten classrooms are in their third year using Common Core. Florida schools have added another grade each year since 2011.