FPL Finalizing Plans for Post-Irma Recovery

Sep 7, 2017

Right now we’re still watching powerful Hurricane Irma to see where the storm will go. But some people are already planning for what will happen when Irma goes away.

Tyler Mauldin is a spokesperson with Florida Power and Light. He says they know thousands of people will be left without power by Irma’s winds and they want to get the lights back on as soon as possible.

“So currently what we’re doing, is we’re finalizing our plans", said Mauldin. "So we have mutual agreements in place with other utilities across the country and we’re working with them to determine how many crews we need here in the State of Florida. And as we finalize our plans, not only will we finalize the number of crews needed, but we will also decide exactly where we want to locate them and we will put them in the hardest, what we expect to be the hardest hit areas of the storm."

Mauldin says FPL does not have any crews currently helping with restoration efforts in Texas following Hurricane Harvey.