Francis Rooney Wins GOP Bid for SWFL Congressional Seat

Aug 30, 2016

Francis Rooney is the victor to become Southwest Florida’s republican nominee for Congress.

He won about 53 percent of the vote, beating out competitors Chauncey Goss and Dan Bongino tonight. He will face a little-known Democratic challenger in November.

Francis Rooney says he’s excited about his win. He says he plans to follow through on the issues he’s campaigned on.

“I’m going to work  on pushing for things that are limited government that provide a better opportunity for our children, to cut the debt, cut spending  and maybe turn our country around a little bit from the road that it’s been on,” said Rooney.

The first two items he plans to focus on is getting funding to fight the spread of Zika in the state, and to focus on Everglades projects.

In his victory speech, he called on republicans to deliver a “huge” victory in November, echoing Donald Trump.