Gadgets And Gizmos A-Plenty At CES

Jan 12, 2018
Originally published on January 12, 2018 3:28 pm

With guest host Ray Suarez.

Sleep robots and a suitcase that drives itself. We’ll unpack what’s hot at the Consumer Electronics show.

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Joanna Stern, personal technology columnist at The Wall Street Journal. (@JoannaStern)

Edward Hall, founder and CEO of Petrics, a startup that makes “smart beds” for pets.

Callie Babbitt, professor of sustainability at the Rochester Institute of Technology. (@CallieBabbitt)

From The Reading List

The Wall Street Journal: Watch Out! That Suitcase Drives Itself — “A piece of luggage chased me down a hallway. It was hilarious, crazy, stupid and useful all at the same time. At this year’s CES tech show, while many auto makers show off their autonomous vehicles, at least three startups are showing off autonomous… carry-on bags.”

Joanna’s sterns highlights from CES

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