Gas Prices Are On Their Way Up Again

Aug 14, 2012

Gas prices are on their way up again.

The Lundberg Survey of fuel prices shows that gas has increased nationwide by 18 cents over the last two weeks-- that's the biggest jump so far this year.

That same trend can be seen in Florida. However Jessica Brady with Triple A says Florida is not as bad off as California or some states in the midwest...

"The average price of gas per gallon in West Palm Beach is $3.76, it's $3.74 in Miami and $3.73 in Fort Lauderdale. Each of those are up 10 cents from last week and 35 cents from month ago."

The jump is due to a couple of factors-- such as problems at a refinery in Northern California and the high cost of crude.

Brady says not to expect a drop in prices in the near future...

"Unfortunately it does look like prices will continue to inch up. Hopefully after Labor Day, when we start to switch to a cheaper fuel blend, and Hurricane season starts to come to a close, maybe we'll start to see things drop off."

Tucson, Arizona, has the nation's lowest price at $3.18, while Chicago had the highest at $4 dollars.

2008 still holds the record for the year with highest gas prices both regionally and across the country.