George Zimmerman Released From Jail, Judge Orders No Guns

Nov 20, 2013

Credit Zennie Abraham via Flickr

A judge is granting George Zimmerman $9,000 bond. The former Neighborhood Watch volunteer was arrested yesterday after his girlfriend accused him of pointing a gun at her. In court in Sanford Tuesday he expressed no emotion as he answered judge Fred Schott's questions.

"Mr. Zimmerman, do you understand that the reason for your arrest is because it is alleged that there was a domestic violence-related aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and a domestic violence-related battery and criminal mischief? Do you understand that?", asked Judge Schott.

"Yes, sir", Zimmerman answered. "Yes, your honor."

Zimmerman was ordered to stay away from his girlfriend, give up all weapons and ammunition and wear a monitoring device. He can't travel out of the state before his next court appearance, scheduled for January. His lawyers say he should be out of jail by tomorrow.

Zimmerman's appearance took place at the Seminole County jail, right next door to the courthouse where he was acquitted in July of second-degree murder in teenager Trayvon Martin's death.