Gov. Scott: We are Winning Because Taxes are Lower

Sep 13, 2013

Gov. Rick Scott brought his "Tax Cut Tour" to Tampa Thursday morning. A couple dozen realtors, business leaders, and some educators commented on further tax cuts like eliminating state taxes on commercial leases. But a few asked the governor to stop cutting taxes and start investing more money into education.

Scott countered that what he's been doing for three years is working.

"We went from losing 832,000 jobs the four years before I was governor to now we've generated 369,000 jobs", argued Scott. "We've reduced property taxes, we've reduced business taxes, we've reduced sales taxes on machinery and equipment. We've had historic investments in education, historic investments in transportation and the reason is we are winning because taxes are lower"

Not everyone is impressed with the governor's tour. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nan Rich Tweeted on the governor's travels this week that he should, "stay home & prepare a budget that invests in & funds quality education."