Green Sea Turtle Population on the Rebound

Dec 4, 2017

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission announced a record number of green sea turtle nests documented this year. With about 39,000 green sea turtle nests logged along 800 miles of beaches, the organization calls the turtles’ success a victory for conservation.

Today on the show, we’ll talk with turtle experts about whether these numbers bode well for other species of sea turtles and learn about what’s been done to make this comeback possible.

We’ll talk with Maura Kraus, the principal environmental specialist and Sea Turtle Protection Program Coordinator for Collier County.

We’ll also hear from Carol Lift, who is a volunteer with Turtle Time, Inc. which is a sea turtle monitoring program.  She’s been with turtle time for more than 25 years. Turtle Time monitors nest activity on Lee Beaches stretching between the Bonita area to Fort Myers Beach. 

Kelly Sloan will also join the show.  She’s a biologist and the Sea Turtle Coordinator with Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation.