Hometown Teams: How Sports Shape America

Jul 3, 2018

Sports are far more than just games -- that’s the underlying principle behind a new exhibit on display at the Alliance for the Arts in Fort Myers called Hometown Teams: How Sports Shape America. The Smithsonian Institution travelling exhibit explores the many ways sports, from pick up games to national championships, have connected people and communities, and have become a fundamental part of our culture.

To dig into the role sports have played in our local communities, we're joined by two of the people who helped bring this exhibit to town: Glenn Miller is a retired sportswriter for the News Press, and president of the Southwest Florida Historical Society; Yvonne Hill is the Southwest Florida Historical Society’s vice president, and she’s also a Marketing Consultant, Creative Business Developer, Grant Writer, Trainer/Facilitator, Author, Historical Researcher, Event Coordinator, and Strategic Planner; J. Horton Webb is Assistant Director of Community Outreach at Florida Gulf Coast University, and was the men’s tennis coach at FGCY for about a decade.


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