House Sponsor of "Stand Your Ground" Law: It's Not Meant to Protect Criminals

Sep 5, 2013

The original Florida House sponsor of the 2005 bill now known as the "stand your ground" law says the way it's being used in some court cases is puzzling. Speaking to the Capital City Republican Club in Tallahassee Wednesday, state representative Dennis Baxley said the law is important for the safety of Floridians.

But the Ocala Republican also says it shouldn't be used as a defense against prosecution by criminals, drug dealers and those who initiate deadly confrontations.

"It’s more about application and context", Baxley explained. "We looked very much at the appropriate context, doing nothing unlawful in order to qualify for any kind of presumption about not being prosecuted."

The state House of Representatives will hold a hearing on the controversial law this fall, and Baxley says he welcomes the debate.

Several Democratic legislators have already filed bills for the 2014 session that would change or repeal "stand your ground."