Hurricane Irma Widow Tells Her Story Of Survival In SWFL

Oct 13, 2017

Lisa Marteeny survived 8-to-10 feet of storm surge during Hurricane Irma in Everglades City. But her husband of nearly 13 years Lee Marteeny did not. He died at the age of 72 from a bacterial infection days after wading in nearly chest-deep floodwaters with his wife. Lisa Marteeny, 62, describes in her own words what it was like to wait out the major storm on her neighbor Adela Butler’s back porch, which is on stilts. And she talks about losing her husband days later:

She wants people to remember her husband as the guy who completed a bucket list before bucket lists were a thing: he jumped out of airplanes, raced cars and sailed boats. He leaves behind an adult daughter, three grandchildren and two great grandkids. This weekend Lee Marteeny’s ashes will be spread out in open Florida waters.