Lee County Community in Decades-Long Water Crisis

Nov 8, 2017

UPDATE: For clarification, Tim Byrne was working for Crystal Clear Water Purification, Inc. when he first went to Charleston Park last year.  Now with his own company, Aqua Consultants, Byrne says he remains concerned about the community. 

A Lee County community is reportedly living off of contaminated well water.

WGCU told you about the problem in Charleston Park more than three years ago, but now, the News-Press has released a series titled, “Something in the Water,” which delves into the ongoing water issues in the small community, where the nearest grocery store is nine miles away and where the average income is shy of $16,000.

News-Press' Janine Zeitlin has followed this story from the start and is the byline on each piece in the multi-platform series. She joins Gulf Coast Live to talk about her investigation.

She is joined by Tim Byrne of Aqua Consultants — the good Samaritan with more than 30 years of industry experience, who has been testing and treating Charleston Park residents’ water for free.