Lee County Declares State of Emergency Due to Flooding

Sep 26, 2013

Lee County has declared a State of Local Emergency due to flooding and resulting sheet flow from the north associated with this week’s heavy rains.    Director of Public Safety for Lee County, Rob Farmer said quite a few roads, especially dirt roads in the north part of the county are washed out and impassable by emergency vehicles.  Livestock is also threatened. 

“We are also working to shelter a number of large animals that are essentially wading in these flood waters throughout North Ft. Myers,” said Farmer.

The Lee County Civic Center is being opened as a shelter for large hoofed animals that owners are able to transport there. No exotic animals are allowed. 

Farmer said the rain is just about over but flooding from sheet flow could be a concern for a few more days.

Meanwhile health officials urge people to stay out of flood water.  Head of public safety for Charlotte County Wayne Sallade said dangerous brain eating amoeba are present in flood waters.  There are other risks as well.

“There’s snakes, there’s fire ants. Where you have septic tanks there’s leakage. You have all sorts of health issues,” said Sallade.

Lee County’s Emergency Declaration allows it to access emergency repair funds to make private roads passable for emergency vehicles.  Farmer said this does NOT include school busses or mail delivery.