Olfactory Assaults: Smoke, Perfume, & How Smells Link to Health

May 5, 2017

From heavy perfume to hand soap, it seems everywhere you turn in our modern world, scents, smells, and aromas abound, and can often overwhelm. seems to be scented heavier than ever. That's on top of natural scents in the Southwest Florida air, like smoke and soot from wildfire season. Together, it's amounts to a full-on olfactory assault. But when does a smell go from unpleasant to a health hazard? 

Friday at 1 p.m., Dr. Patrick Reidy with Florida Gulf Coast Ear Nose and Throat joins the program to share his expertise as an ear, nose, and throat doctor, explaining why we react so strongly to smells, why some smells can overwhelm, and what scents could potentially be harmful to some.