Online-Only University Expects 24,000 Students In A Decade

Sep 27, 2013

Last spring, Florida lawmakers passed a law creating an online-only school at the University of Florida. The school is scheduled to open in January. The state university system Board of Governors is expected to vote on the new university's business plan Today.

The school expects to have 24,000 students within a decade. Each year, more than 29,000 people apply to the University of Florida for just 6,400 slots. State leaders hope the University of Florida Online will allow more students access to a state flagship school.

Tuition will be less at the online university - a maximum of 75% of what residential student pay at the University of Florida. But online students will still have access to mental health counselors, career advice and other services.

The school plans to offer degrees in five majors initially, which will expand to 35 majors by the fall of 2019.