Patient Safety Group Grades Hospitals

Oct 25, 2013

A patient safety advocacy organization that grades hospitals says Florida's hospitals are improving. Florida is seventh in the country for its percentage of "A" rated hospitals. Health News Florida's Lottie Watts talked with The Leapfrog Group about its latest hospital safety ratings.

According to The Leapfrog Group, hospital errors are the third-leading cause of death in the US. That's why the patient advocacy group looks at 28 safety measures to come up with its letter grades for hospitals. Leapfrog's president and CEO Leah Binder says patients can look for something simple if they're concerned about hospital safety, are doctors and nurses washing their hands?

"That is probably the number one way to prevent infection, and infections are rampant in hospitals, so be sure", Binder said. "And it is OK for you to say, 'Doctor, I'm sorry, could you wash your hands first, please?' It's sometimes awkward and very difficult for people to do it, but it could save your life."

The Leapfrog Group says grades for hospital safety are improving in Florida. Some hospitals jumped up two letter grades from last spring. And no Florida hospitals earned an "F" during this round of grading.