Sen. Nelson Optimistic on Budget Negotiaions and Avoiding Second Round of Sequester Cuts

Dec 4, 2013

Credit Jon Worth via Flickr

Florida’s senior U.S. senator is optimistic that Congress will settle on a budget before the end of the year – avoiding another government shutdown. Senator Bill Nelson was almost jubilant Tuesday when asked about budget negotiations- he’s on the joint budget committee and reports “real progress” has been made between House and Senate staff.

In fact, he says the senate’s lead negotiator, Sen. Patty Murray, a Democrat from Washington state, returned early from the Thanksgiving break to work out details. The House is already back in session – the Senate reconvenes Monday.

"And it looks like that you’ll be able to avoid the sequester", Nelson said. "The January 15th round which goes in for the second year which is on top of what has already been enacted."

Nelson says details of the deal should start emerging later this week. Dec. 13th is the deadline for reaching a deal – that’s when the House is schedule to leave for the holidays.