South Florida Braces for Hurricane Irma as Storm Edges Closer to the Keys

Sep 8, 2017

Powerful Hurricane Irma is racing toward a direct impact with South Florida by early Sunday. Forecasters say the storm poses a “potentially catastrophic threat” to the Florida Keys and other parts of our state, with hurricane and storm surge warnings and watches already in effect on both the Gulf and Atlantic coasts.

Forecasters say, after Irma hits the Florida mainland by Sunday, it could travel right up the spine of the state.
 Gulf Coast Live brings you the latest developments on Hurricane Irma from meteorologist Jeff Huffman with the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network

For those leaving we’ll check on Florida roadways to find out the best route north, thanks to help from the Florida Highway patrol’s monitoring site.  

We’ll talk with local emergency responders and hospital staff who are not going to be evacuating about the emergency services they will provide up to, during, and after the storm. 

We’ll also talk with WGCU reporters on the ground sharing their stories of how residents and officials continue to prepare, or evacuate, as the storm moves closer. And we’ll talk about how residents with livestock and other animals are bracing for Irma’s impact.

And we’ll hear from the local Department of Health about what this storm could do to your home’s water supply. We’ll talk with Environmental Scientist Jaime Cook about private wells, the public water supply, and the dangers of standing flood waters. Click this link to find your local Department of Health to test your drinking water after the storm. Or call 850-245-4250.

We'll also talk about a offer from online home sharing broker Air B&B, offering "urgent accommodations" and waiving fees to hep open up people’s homes for those seeking shelter from the storm.

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