South Florida Threatened With Landfall of Irma

Sep 6, 2017

Irma has become the most powerful hurricane on record in the Atlantic Ocean, not including the Caribbean or the Gulf of Mexico. The potentially catastrophic Category 5 Hurricane has wind speeds up to [185 mph] and is expected move across the northern Leeward Islands this morning. Meteorologist Cyndee O'Quinn tell us why the National Hurricane Center's forecast is not looking good for Florida.

"The official forecast now calls for landfall within 96 to 120 hours in south Florida.", O'Quinn said. "However, the forecast after 72 hours continues to remain uncertain. Many of the models are beginning to come into agreement with bringing Irma up the Florida East coast or near the northwestern Bahamas."

O'Quinn and the National Hurricane Center urge all Floridians to make plans, stock up on supplies and be familiar with your evacuation zones, as mandatory evacuation start this morning in the Florida Keys.