Study Offers Sobering Advice for Collier Affordable Housing

Feb 10, 2017

Affordable housing in Southwest Florida has been a strain on communities for years. Despite some recent efforts to address the issue, as Florida's population continues to grow, the problem of housing in some of Florida's wealthiest counties only gets worse.

The Urban Land Institute, at the invitation of the Collier County Board of Commissioners, recently visited the county for a week-long study. The ULI offered recommendations and options to address the county's acute need for more affordable housing, a need that has many unable to live in the communities in which they work.

Friday at 1:30 p.m. on Gulf Coast Live, Philip Payne with the Urban Land Institute discusses the ULI's recent visit to Collier County and what recommendations the organization made to address the need for affordable housing in the county.

Also joining the program is Spencer Smith with the United Way of Collier County, to discuss what help is available to those struggling to afford housing in Collier and other parts of Southwest Florida.

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