Supervisors Of Elections To Get Raises

Mar 30, 2016
Originally published on March 30, 2016 5:53 pm

The Florida supervisor of elections’ salary formula has changed for the first time in nearly three decades. 

Governor Rick Scott signed a bill Wednesday to raise the position’s base pay and add increases according to population size. David Ramba, a lobbyist for the Florida State Association of Supervisors of Elections, says the job’s list of duties has grown over time.

”And now, and this year, with the early and absentee, the presidential, the primary and the general, supervisor of elections will be accepting ballots for over 200 days during the 2016 calendar year, so it’s pretty substantial in what their duties are now versus what they were in the 1960s when they set the base salary,” Ramba says.

The Office of Economic and Demographic Research reports supervisors’ salaries will increase by more than $1 million statewide. Those salaries are funded by county.

The measure got some pushback on its way through the House. Critics said it would be unfair to single out supervisors of elections for pay increases. And Tampa Republican Rep. James Grant said the state shouldn't be setting wages. But the measure will take effect July 1.

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