SWFL Locals Provide Menstrual Kits/Sex Ed to Rural Guatemalan Women

Nov 13, 2017

WGCU reporter Jessica Meszaros has been on assignment in Guatemala for the past week. She is traveling through rural areas of the Central American country with a group of women from Southwest who are members of a community service initiative from the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers called, The GRACE Project.  That stands for the Guatemalan Rural Adult and Children’s Education Project. 

Meszaros is documenting the group’s efforts to distribute reusable menstrual kits to women who often lack access to affordable sanitary pads and tampons.  The group is also providing much needed sex education in regions where such discussions are considered culturally taboo even among women and girls within the same family. 

WGCU’s John Davis caught with Jessica Meszaros via Skype for an update on the group’s efforts so far.  Their conversation began with an overview of what the GRACE Project is all about.