Tax Cut Opponents Want Gov. Scott to Invest in Students and Environment Instead

Sep 13, 2013

As Gov. Rick Scott promotes his agenda to cut more taxes - like those paid on commercial leases - he's hearing from supporters and opponents. He met with a couple dozen business leaders and several educators Thursday morning at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

Ken Blankenship, a teacher an official with the Pasco County teacher union, voiced his opposition to business tax cuts at the forum and again afterward - outside to reporters.

"Don't be fooled, our governor's tax cut proposal and refusal to invest in things like education, the environment, infrastructure, is not a path to a brighter future for Florida", Blankenship warned. "It is a surefire path to more of the same which is the status quo and has been for the past 20 years."

Scott countered his critics during the one-hour forum saying what he's been doing is working because Florida's unemployment is lower than that national average and 500 people a day are moving to the state.

His Tax Cut Tour is set to end Friday.