Victims Among the Arrested: Prosecutors Trained to Spot Human Trafficking

Sep 1, 2017

When a person is arrested, and Florida's state attorneys are determining how to proceed with a case, it becomes a critical time during which victims of human trafficking can be identified and helped. Identifying victims among the arrested can not only get them help, but possibly lead to the arrest of those who are exploiting them.

In 2016 Florida ranked third in the nation behind Texas and California  in the number of reported human trafficking cases, according to the Polaris Project. Some authorities say the numbers in south Florida continue to grow thanks in part to the area’s popularity among tourists and its generally transient population.

Today we’ll talk with Francine Donnorummo, an Assistant State Attorney with the 20th Judicial Circuit and the Special Victims unit Chief.  She’s leading the education efforts and will share how this kind of education could help find the victims among the arrested.