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Amy Bennett Williams touches our hearts each week with a special Essay. From the beauty found in Southwest Florida to heart-warming stories of family, friends and neighbors, her essays take us around our community and often into our past.  Her commentaries extol the beauty found in the commonplace objects and places – and are delivered with a touch of tenderness.

Williams is a long-time writer for The News-Press who started emptying ashtrays and writing obits and now has the coolest job title she can imagine: Storyteller. She's also author of the pictorial history book, "Along the Caloosahatchee" and is at work on another. She and her husband, Roger, also a writer, live in rural Alva with their two sons and way too many animals.

Horseshoe Crabs

May 22, 2015

Taking advantage of Southwest Florida’s May weather before the oppressive summer heat and humidity take over, Amy Bennett Williams and her family recently took a trip to Bunche Beach, where among a buttress of mangrove roots, she encountered a staple of Southwest Florida’s marine life. It’s a prehistoric looking creature which, from an evolutionary perspective, has remained relatively unchanged for 300 million years.

Harmful Invasives

May 15, 2015
Wikimedia Creative Commons

Here in Southwest Florida’s subtropical climate, its well-known that all sorts of plant and animal life indigenous to other parts of the world survives and thrives here…often to the detriment of native flora and fauna. This week, News-Press storyteller Amy Bennett Williams explores an interesting connection between Florida and Australia when it comes to battling harmful invasives; along with a common enemy.


May 8, 2015
Amy Bennett Williams

What happens when a horse-crazy girl grows up, gets her horse and then discovers it can’t be ridden? As News-Press storyteller Amy Bennett Williams explains in this week’s essay, it fell to the men in her life to solve that dilemma.

Sour Oranges (ENCORE)

May 1, 2015
Wikimedia Creative Commons

This week’s encore installment from News Press storyteller Amy Bennett Williams introduces listeners to a tangy culinary ingredient unique to citrus growing regions and that’s likely obscure to many of our neighbors to the north; although it abounds growing wild in certain parts of Southwest Florida.


Apr 24, 2015
Amy Bennett Williams

Hendry County may be a sparsely populated and mostly rural region, but it also holds a wealth of historic markers. In this week’s encore essay from News-Press storyteller Amy Bennett Williams, we visit the LaBelle Ranch Supply store, where among the bags of deer pellets, cattle cubes and hog feed for sale, she discovered a historic treasure marking the lives and hard work of the region’s cattlemen who’ve passed on.