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WGCU Book Reviewer Sally Bissell

Book reviews return in February with Sally Bissell. She's a retired Lee County Librarian who also writes reviews for Library Journal.  Follow her blog or follow her on Twitter @sallyreads. 

We review books about stories that take place in Florida.

Submission Guidelines: If you would like your book reviewed, here are some guidelines to keep in mind. The book must be based in Florida. It must be a Florida story.  It does not have to be a new release but it should have literary merit. We are not accepting self-published or self-help books at this time.

If your book meets these requirements, please provide us with a review copy.

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Cathy Salustri is the Arts and Entertainment editor of the website Creative Loafing Tampa. She was working on a master’s degree project in Florida Studies at the University of South Florida in St. Petersburg, when the whole thing got out of control. After logging almost 5000 miles of travel on Florida’s back roads, she turned her thesis into a delightful travelogue.

Nine Island

Apr 11, 2017

This month’s book review is from Author Jane Alison. She’s had an eclectic career. She was born in Australia and educated in Washington, DC, and Princeton where she studied classics. She worked for the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Miami New Times, and the Washington City Paper, before taking a post teaching creative writing at the University of Virginia.

Razor Girl

Mar 14, 2017

“Miami Herald” journalist Carl Hiaasen is a Florida native who lives his home state enough to tell the difficult truths about politics and the environment when necessary. But it’s through his fiction he seems most able to unleash satirical scorn on all that’s wrong with Florida. Our reviewer Sally Bissell says his latest novel, “Razor Girl,” is no exception.

The Veins of the Ocean

Feb 14, 2017

Patricia Engel was born to Columbian parents, raised in New Jersey, and now calls Miami home. After publishing her debut novel, “Vida,” in 2010, she was lavished with prestigious literary awards, including the Florida Book Award and the International Latino Book Award. Sally Bissell reviews “The Veins of the Ocean,” which transports readers from Miami to Cartagena, to Havana, and the Florida Keys, through the lives of two broken people looking for redemption.

Life Without A Recipe

Jan 10, 2017

Born in New York to an Irish Catholic mother and a Jordanian-Muslim father, Diana Abu-Jaber teaches writing in Portland, Oregon but makes her home in Miami. Her fiction, “Crescent,” and “Birds of Paradise,” has been honored by NPR, The Washington Post, and the PEN Center for Literary Fiction. She mined her family’s culturally mixed messages in her first memoir, “the Language of Baklava,” and continues the saga in her latest book, “Life Without a Recipe.”