Grape Minds

Wednesday, February 21

A podcast that looks beyond the glass to the stories of winemaking, culture, and the history of the world’s most intriguing beverage. Hosts Julie Glenn and Gina Birch interview winemakers, talk with importers, and dig into the issues and nuances of wine in the modern world while always keeping it down to earth.  

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Second-generation winemaker and wine grower Jesse Lange of Lange Estate Winery and Vineyards joins Julie and Gina to talk about continuing the family tradition in the Dundee Hills. He talks about the moment he knew wine would be his career, about a spontaneous pinot mutation that popped up in the vineyard one day, and the challenge Oregon had in the early days identifying the best clones for the zone.

Episode 3: Wine Fests

Mar 7, 2018

This is the season for wine festivals in South Florida, and after the Southwest Florida Food and Wine Festival this past weekend, Gina and Julie got to thinking about the correlation between wine and fundraising. Are there whiskey charity auctions? Which one is really the biggest in the country - Naples Winter Wine Festival or Auction Napa Valley? This week we look at the rankings and talk about some of the other wine festivals in the area. 

You may have read the recent headlines promising longevity to those who consume wine- or you began toasting to your health after you read about all the 100 year-old Cannonau drinkers in Sardinia.

Episode 1: An Introduction

Feb 15, 2018

In the premiere episode of Grape Minds, hosts Julie Glenn and Gina Birch introduce listeners to the culture and history of wine.