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Photo: Pixabay via Public Domain

  The Florida Highway patrol is charting what its officers call an "alarming" increase in hit-and-run crashes statewide for several years running, with Lee County ranking eight in the state for the number of crashes. 

That's on top of a growing number drivers on state roads and a surge in traffic deaths in Florida. Estimates from 2016 put the number of traffic deaths above 3,200, a jump of nearly ten percent. Lee County again leads Southwest Florida as the county with the deadliest roads in the region, especially for pedestrians

Image: Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center

Clean, renewable energy has been the goal for environmentally-minded energy users, aspiring engineers, and businesses and utilities alike. In Florida, solar power is often touted as the solution to the Sunshine State's energy needs, but a group of researchers and engineers in South Florida think "blue energy" derived from ocean currents like the Gulf Stream has just as big a part to play in renewably powering Florida's future. 

Photo: Great Florida Cattle Drive

Florida's cattle culture dates back nearly 500 years, from the first cattle unloaded by Spanish sailors near present-day Port Charlotte, to the cattle-driving "cow hunters" of the 19th century, to the modern-day industry that tops more than 1  billion head of cattle in the state and boasts one of the largest commercial cattle herds in the country.

Photos: Wikimedia Commons

  Author, journalist, and environmentalist Marjory Stoneman Douglas is perhaps best known for her 1947 book "Everglades: River of Grass." But at the 13th annual Marjory Stoneman Douglas Festival in Everglades City, her legacy in Florida is still celebrated 70 years after her seminal work was published.

Photo: Pixabay via Public Domain

Local city and county governments won't be able to impose new regulations on "businesses, professions, and occupations," and state law would preempt any existing local laws and regulations: that's the heart of House Bill 17, now advancing in Tallahassee.