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Photo: Chris Potter, via Flickr Creative Commons

Tax Day in 2017 falls is just over three weeks away. Normally collected on Apr. 15, that date falls on a Saturday this year, and Monday, Apr. 17, is Emancipation Day in the District of Columbia. That pushes the nation’s filing deadline Tuesday, Apr. 18.

Photos, images: Robert Macomber

Weaving tropical history into his naval historical fiction “Honor” series, Pine Island author Robert Macomber writes about the journeys of Peter Wake, who joins the US Navy in 1863 and is based in Key West. His new novel sees the action range from Tampa to Havana.

Photo: PBS via WGCU

If a juvenile’s first offense is a minor crime in Florida, officers don’t have to make an arrest. They have the option of handing out what’s known as a civil citation, an alternative to arrest that doesn’t mar their record.

Photo: Keith Ridge via Fort Myers Derby Girls

The Palm City Punishers kick off their season Sunday with their first home "bout" against the Long Island Roller Rebels. The Fort Myers Derby Girls league is part of a nationally-ranked team through WFTRDA, the Women's Flat Track Roller Derby Association.

But what's the difference between jammer, a blocker, and a pivot? Would you know how to break through the pack and become lead jammer? How much do you know about the increasingly popular (and potential contest in the 2020 Olympics) sport of roller derby?

Photo: Jeff Lindsay Images: Alliance for the Arts

Premiering at Fort Myer's Theatre Conspiracy this week is a new play from a familiar playwright: the Civil War-era story of "The Cave" by Cape Coral author and writer Jeff Lindsay.