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Employment can be an important step in recovering from mental illness in terms of regaining dignity and providing focus and a sense of purpose to people’s lives.  However, a 2014 report from the National Alliance on Mental Illness finds that about 80 percent of U.S. residents receiving public mental health services are unemployed.  In Florida that unemployment rate stands at 84.7 percent.  HOPE Clubhouse of Southwest Florida is combating that problem through its efforts to provide a supportive environment for adults living with mental illness and by providing opportunities for meaningful work.  

Joe Berg, Way Down Video Production

Mote Marine Laboratory and The Nature Conservancy recently announced a new joint venture aimed at the conservation and restoration of coral reefs in Florida and the Caribbean.  With stressors ranging from rising ocean temperatures, ocean acidification, overfishing, coastal development and waste water, coral cover in the Caribbean and Florida has decreased by 50 to 80 percent in just the last three decades. 

Grieving the loss of a parent at any age can be a difficult process and for those who lose a parent during childhood the loss can be particularly profound. A 2014 study by researchers with the National Institute of Health and Welfare Finland, the Karolinksa Institute in Sweden and Aarhus University in Denmark finds that people who experience the death of a parent in childhood are more likely to die prematurely themselves.  The study, tracking more than seven million people for 42 years finds that those who lost a parent before they turned 18 were 50% more likely to die during the course of that study.

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Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti last Tuesday as a powerful category four hurricane with winds up to 145 mph and leaving 1.4 million people there in need of humanitarian assistance.  The official death toll from the country’s central civil protection agency stands at 336, but according to Reuters, reported deaths by local officials indicate more than 1,000 people lost their lives in the storm.

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Hurricane Matthew passed over Haiti Tuesday as a category 4 storm.  It was the first major hurricane to hit the island nation in 50 years.  While the human toll remains unknown, the Miami Herald reports at least two confirmed deaths.  Matthew hit Haiti’s southern peninsula hardest with coastal communities reporting flooding.  Now the threat of flooding and mudslides pose a danger, as does the threat of cholera.  More than 61,000 people in Haiti are still living in tents following the devastating earthquake that hit in 2010 killing more than 300,000 people.  We hear the latest updates on the progress of Matthew, explore how Florida officials are preparing and learn about disaster relief efforts mobilizing through the Naples non-profit Hope for Haiti.