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Development in Southwest Florida continues a years-long boom. Demand still outpaces supply, even as new housing permits jumped roughly 40 percent compared to last year. New homes impact not only wildlife habitat, but the real estate market, putting pressure on existing home values.

Florida Fish and Wildlife

Once facing extinction, the rebounding Florida panther has reached a milestone: Florida Fish and Wildlife biologists say they now have "strong evidence" of the first female living north of the Caloosahatchee River since 1973. Some say the news is an encouraging for the panther population, but ranchers, hunters, and other land users argue more panthers mean more problems.

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Fidel Castro is dead. The Cuban revolutionary dominated the Caribbean island for more than 50 years, and his death on Friday was met with celebrations on the streets of Miami

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For 500 years,  Germany’s Reinheitsgebot, commonly known as the "German beer purity laws," set the standard for beer across much of the world. In recent decades, however, American craft brewers have happily flaunted those rules, and in doing so, helped re-define what beer can be.  

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November is National Adoption Month, and this week the Children's Network of Southwest Florida is finishing its fourth and final mass-adoption event to boost awareness about the need for adoptive families.