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Former newspaperman and Tampa author Tim Dorsey is out with his 19th book about Florida serial killer and anti-hero Serge Storms. After growing up just north of Miami, working as a journalist, then as the Tampa Tribune’s night metro editor and now going on book tours around the state for the past 18 years, Dorsey has plenty of stories to tell. Real ones. Real crazy ones.

Will O’Leary

We explore Seminole Indian Patchwork. The Seminole Tribe of Florida adopted the colorful clothing shortly before 1920.

Designs used on women’s skirts today are extremely intricate. It’s a technique that has been passed down from generation to generation and now there’s a commercial market for it.

Seminole patchwork is a creative source of cultural pride and artistic achievement.

Our guests are several women who make, teach, wear and show Seminole patchwork.

WGCU recently reported on the increase of transgender youth coming out nationwide. So this week on Gulf Coast Live! we talk with advocates about past and present LGBT bills in the Florida Legislature as the transgender community becomes more acknowledged. 

Circulating via Flickr

The Florida legislature is rethinking how the state moves minors into adult court. A 2014 report by Human Rights Watch says Florida moves more children out of the juvenile system and into adult court than any other state. Advocates are pushing a campaign to reform a process called “direct filing” that gives state prosecutors the choice of moving forward with those charges. They say the system unevenly hands out penalties.

Erik Hersman / Flickr / Creative Commons

The mood of voters is one of the most important political factors in an election year.  In collaboration with the National NPR network and talk show programs on member stations around the country, we’ll explore what’s at the core of voter anxieties this election season.  The shrinking middle class and economic uncertainty is one factor.  A recent Pew Research Center analysis of government data finds that the country’s middle class is losing ground.  The report finds that while middle class wage earners accounted for 43% of aggregate U.S. income in 2014, down from 62% in 1970.